Saturday, October 27, 2007


You know what I don't have nearly enough of? Severed fingers. Unfortunately, I use all 10 of mine for my living (curses! I was taught to type correctly and can't pigeon-pick my way through life!), so it'll have to be someone else's laying around. Thankfully, Lady Linoleum over at Monster Crochet has thought of this, and gives me a viable option:

They're all purple and rotting! It's neat! What's even cooler is that the pattern for these babies is totally free, so you can click here to bookmark it and/or print it and start leaving these in inconspicuous places. For example, an ashtray at a friend's house or bar -- wait, they don't smoke in our bars anymore. But an ashtray somewhere. Or, if you were riding in someone's car, just casually leave one or two in a cup holder. I highly recommend leaving some strewn in a baby's crib for laughs, though you might want to do it when baby isn't in it because I don't want you blaming me if baby eats it or something. The possibilities are endless, so always keep a steady supply on hand (har har). You never know when you'll need an extra, rotting finger.

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